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Full house at BOSC

Come meet the Genome Informatics and Courtot lab at the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC)

BOSC 2024 will take place July 15-16, 2024, as part of ISMB 2024, in Montréal, Canada and online. BOSC covers open source bioinformatics and open science. This year’s theme is Open Approaches to AI/ML; it will be reflected in a panel discussion and a talk session.

BOSC 2024 keynotes, from the [BOSC schedule]( page
BOSC 2024 keynotes, from the BOSC schedule page

I will be giving a keynote talk highlighting the importance of data quality, in particular in an AI/LLM world. Andrew Su will give a second talk on Open data, Knowledge Graphs, and Large Language Models. I’m thrilled by the opportunity and can’t wait to talk about data, data, and …data!

Several other members of th team will present: Mitchell Shiell, Justin Richardsson and Alexis Li have had abstracts accepted for presentation! Mitchell will give a talk on Overture “Creating an Open-source data platform”, Justin will describe “Going Viral: The Development of the VirusSeq Data Portal” and Alexis will present on “Traversing Canada’s genomic landscape: The Pan-Canadian Genome Library Initiative”

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