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ICGC ARGO datasets on Alliance Cloud - funding award

We have been awarded a 3 year Digital Research Alliance of Canada award for the “ICGC ARGO datasets on Alliance Cloud” project. This project seeks to move the ICGC ARGO datasets across to the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (Alliance) cloud by leveraging DRAC cloud hosting up to 4PB.

As part of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) mission to develop safer and more effective therapeutic strategies, the International Cancer Genome Consortium for Accelerating Research in Genomic Oncology (ICGC ARGO) plays a crucial role in creating diagnostic assays, monitoring tumor evolution, and developing clinical decision algorithms for clinicians to stay ahead of the tumor’s next move. ICGC ARGO achieves this by leveraging big data and global collaboration to create a comprehensive knowledge base of cancer genomes and clinical annotations from over 100,000 patients enrolled in international therapeutic clinical trials. OICR co-leads the ICGC ARGO project, allowing Canada to remain a global leader in managing and analyzing large cancer genomic datasets. The ICGC ARGO Data Platform, operated by OICR, collects, quality-controls, and harmonizes data produced by international ICGC ARGO participants, creating an intuitive Data Portal to distribute the knowledge generated by the project to the global research community.

ICGC ARGO data platform
ICGC ARGO data platform

In the coming year, we plan to move the ICGC ARGO datasets across to the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (Alliance) cloud. The specific aims of the project for the coming year will be organized into different activities:

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